The SABAW Scholarship Program, established in 2006, is focused on helping South Asian law students and practitioners achieve their dreams and serves as a means for the greater legal community to support the activities of SABAW’s members. Each year, SABAW awards over $10,000 in scholarships to various recipients who have done some truly remarkable things in support of SABAW’s and NASABA’s missions.

The Program offers following category of scholarships every year-

  • SABAW Public Interest Law Scholarship – for law students interested in public interest law work
  • Student Stipend(s) – for law students involved with SABAW and/or the South Asian community
  • SABAW/API-Chaya Scholarship – for legal interns working at API-Chaya
  • SABAW Minority Law Fellowship Grant – for solo/small law firms and non-profit organizations

For more information on our scholarship program, please email


Mentorship Program

SABAW aims to pair law students and young lawyers with mentor attorneys. Participant pairs will create their own agreement regarding discussion topics, meetings, and follow-up.  The formal program will last through 2019.  But we hope the relationships will continue beyond.  For mentors and mentees alike, this is a fantastic opportunity to support one another, learn from one another, and meet the movers and shakers of our profession.  Our networks tend to be South Asian and Middle Eastern lawyers, but participants from any and all backgrounds are most welcome to join us!