About Us

SABAW is an organization of South Asian legal professionals in Washington State dedicated to providing access to legal resources and support for issues relevant to the South Asian community. SABAW is also committed to identifying and advancing the areas where economic, social and political interests intersect with South Asian legal issues, and we work to provide opportunities for law students in Washington to get involved in these areas alongside us.

SABAW serves as a liaison between South Asian legal professionals and the legal community at large. We strive to provide our members with education, opportunities to expand their personal networks and resources, and a platform for community outreach and involvement. We are an active branch of the North American South Asian Bar Association.

The South Asian Bar Association of Washington (SABAW), was formed in 2001 and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Social Committee

The Social Committee plans social events throughout the year, including our annual picnic, a SABAW happy hour and a joint MBA happy hour. The Committee is responsible for budgeting, event planning and outreach for each event and meets on an ad hoc basis.

Banquet Committee

The Banquet Committee plans and organizes our annual banquet. The Committee is responsible for vetting venues, contracting with vendors, securing sponsors for the banquet, invitations to judges, registration and nametags, d├ęcor, the program of events and programs. The Banquet Committee is open to the general membership, meets once a month, with more frequent meetings closer to the program date. For sponsorship information, please contact info@sabaw.org.

Legal Clinic Committee

The Legal Clinic Committee is responsible for coordinating with IAWW and MAPS to secure clinic dates, promote the clinic, recruit volunteers and handle other logistics. SABAW typically hosts 8-10 clinics per year. This Committee is also open to the general membership. If you would like to volunteer for a particular clinic date, please contact clinic@sabaw.org.

Scholarship and Fellowship Committee

The Scholarship Committee works with community partners to promote scholarships, vet initial inquiries and applications and select award recipients for the annual scholarships, such as the API Chaya grant, Student Scholarship, Public Interest Scholarship, and the Minority Legal Fellowship. To find out more about our scholarships or to apply, please see scholarships@sabaw.org.

Communications (Newsletter & Website) Committee

The Newsletter and Website Committee are primarily responsible for curating, writing and editing the content for the quarterly newsletter, as well as maintaining our current website. If you have ideas about possible content for the newsletter, please contact info@sabaw.org.

Mentorship and Membership Committee

The Membership and Mentorship Committee is primarily responsible for outreach and engagement of both new and current members. The committee works with community partners to provide support to law students as well as attorneys strives to host one or two events each year that are focused on mentorship.